Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most frequently asked questions about C3 Data are listed here. 

How did C3 Data start?

The owners of C3 Data operated 17025 accredited pyrometry labs for decades and had often envisioned a system tailored for heat treatment that would saved time and eliminate the possibility for human error.  When smart phones and cloud technology became mainstream, that vision became a reality. At first C3 was used as an internal utility by their labs, but it became apparent that C3 was something the heat treatment world really needed and so its owners decided to help the industry to: Calibrate • Capture • Comply® Hence, C3 Data was born.

Can I get my thermocouple certs into my C3 account automatically?

Yes. C3 Data has partners in the US and Europe where you can purchase your thermocouples. Each box of thermocouples comes with a code that you enter into the C3 portal.  Once entered, all the thermocouple cert info is automatically uploaded into your portal, awaiting approval by the designated Quality Assurance personnel to approve for use at your facility.

What if I have a Thermocouple cert from a vendor that has not partnered with C3 Data?

C3 Data allows you to manually enter a cert into your portal for any spool, or batch of thermocouples.  The process takes < 10 minutes and is quite simple.

Can I get my Field Test Instrument (FTI) cert into my C3 account automatically?

Yes.  If you send your FTI to a C3 Data lab, they can upload your calibrated cert for you and it will be waiting for you before it returns from the lab to your site.

What if I have my FTI calibrated elsewhere or internally? How does it get uploaded?

C3 Data allows you to manually upload any cert. We allow you to create templates that you can reuse so that all you need to do is put in the results, approve, and you’re ready to go.

How will correction factors for my sensors & Standards be determined for values not found on the oem certs?

C3 Data will perform a linear interpolation of the correction factors above and below the temperature being measured.  When appropriate, rounding is performed according to ASTM E29.

Can C3 Data help me track Control TC usage and expiry?

Yes. Just assign a sensor to an instrument in the web-portal, set the expiry date and a warning date, and C3 will email you as soon as the warning date comes alerting you to change the thermocouple.

Can I subscribe to do just SATs, or one other test type, or do I have to subscribe to all three (TUS/SAT/CAL)?

You can subscribe to any combination of module(s) that you require.

How do I enter the SAT or CAL data?

Our app (eCapture) walks you through the data entry process and ensures that you collect all data required for each piece of equipment, on the frequency that you set up.  Here’s how it works 

How (and when) is the CAL or SAT report created?

These reports are automatically created while the tech(s) is (are) on the floor entering data. Your portal already knows everything about that furnace in order to perform the calculations and generate the document. Once the tech is done, an email is sent to QA requesting a review of the work and an electronic sign-off. Each step (tech submission and QA approval) automatically affixes a signature to the report. Can be entirely paperless if desired.

How does C3 data gather TUS data?

C3 takes the uncorrected raw data file from your data logger and imports it into your portal account. From there you match it to the furnace, data logger, and sensor(s) used, and a report is automatically created for any temps surveyed. Usually <5 minutes and always compliant with whatever TUS spec(s) you’ve assigned to the furnace.

How can I check to be sure that my results are correct?

Each test on the eCapture app comes with the ability to launch a “Scratch Pad” detailing how the result was obtained for cross-reference by the user and/or auditor.  AMS-2750 nomenclature is used for ease of review.


The C3 Data team has a member on the AMEC committee (for AMS 2750) as well as member on the CQI-9 committee and thus are kept informed of new interpretations and/or changes to these and other specifications in the metals and heat treating industries. C3’s web-based portal and mobile app are quickly and easily updated with a simple refresh of the browser and an update of your mobile app. Updates to new specs can be rolled out on a furnace-by-furnace basis on a scheduled determined by you.

can c3 data be used to generate alternate SAT reports?

Yes. Assuming your instrument calibrations are being managed using C3 Data, then your Alternate SAT reports can be automatically generated without any effort on your part.    



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